Etsuko Miura "Eucharist" Special Edition

This special, limited edition of Etsuko Miura's new book "Eucharist" features a dimensional leather cover handmade by the artist herself. Includes a clear acrylic display case, limited edition of only 50 pieces.

Etsuko Miura's newest dolls are collected here and offered in holy communion. Her work has become even darker, exploring more severe images, gaunt bodies, and melancholic expressions. Includes an Etsuko Miura inspired painting by Trevor Brown, dimensions and descriptions of each doll, and a detailed profile.

All text is bilingual (Japanese/English).

Signed by artist


Etsuko Miura


In 2000, She finished her study at Doll Space Pigmarion in Tokyo under Ryo Yoshida. She has exhibited her work at Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Span Art Gallery, Bunkamura Gallery and Maria Cuore(2018). Her work has also appeared in anime and movies.