Makaikado Ougonkishi (Golden Knight) Garo (Kouga Saejima)

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Makaikado Ougonkishi (Golden Knight) Garo (Kouga Saejima) is the perfect addition to the Garo line to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the brand. With advances in joint technology, this memorial figure is more highly articulated than ever before.The figure was created under the masterful creative direction of Takayuki Takeya and Yukio Fujioka. Supervised by Keita Amemiya. 


Size: Approx. 7.50" (H190mm) Measured to the tips of his horns.

Material: ABS, PVC

[Set Contents]

-Main figure

-Interchangeable left hand parts x3 types

-Interchangeable right hand parts x2 types



-Detachable cape

Release date2015/11/28