ZBrushCore Sculpting Guidebook by Taichi Kouda

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Let’s try digitally sculpting in ZBrushCore.

Many users are having fun with 3D Soft, “ZBrushCore” which became available with reasonable price. Wacom’s Intuos3D tablet which includes ZBrushCore is used to demonstrate in the book. It introduces the basics of ZBrushCore and each steps of how you can create the 3D figure prototype from your 2D illustration. The beginners will be able to learn the basics and step up to an advanced level. Your sculpture created with ZBrushCore would be as good as the one with ZBrush.

Chapter1 ZBrushCore Basics (Startup, Interface, Lightbox etc.)

Chapter2 Sculpting (Sculpting with images etc.)

Chapter3 3D Printing

Chapter4 Coloring

  • 288 pages
  • Language: Japanese
  • Publisher: Genkosha
  • Release Date: June 9, 2017

Taichi Kouda

At first he was a magazine editor, then he started modeling characters at the graphic department in the game company. Now he is a freelance working on online games, publishing and modeling.