Akishi Ueda "COSMOS" Akishi Ueda Art Works

A long-awaited collection of works by Akishi Ueda, a poetical sculptor who has gained popularity both in Japan and abroad. The book showcases his works spanning 6 solo exhibitions from 2014 ”Too far parade” to 2020 “NATIVE CHILDREN” and special exhibits. He also added stories to his own works. 


192 page  

Hard cover

Text in Japanese



Akishi Ueda (1991-)

From an early age, he was deeply influenced by art, music, and movies. With the attributes of pop surrealism as his mainstay,he expresses his longing dream he sees in nature as well as the fear of living in the vastness of it, emphasizing the mysteriousness and rarity nature has to offer. He is 2019 Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize Sculpture Award Winner and also had a solo exhibit “Prayer for praying” in Beijing, China. In 2021, he was hospitalized due to a ruptured cerebral blood vessel. His eyes may be slightly impaired, but his passion for the arts is unquenchable.