Hajime Sorayama (空山基), born February 22, 1947, in Ehime, Japan, is a painter, graphic designer, and illustrator based in Japan. A master of airbrushing, Sorayama is known for his erotically charged robot women, sometimes called “gynoids”, which combine the sensual beauty of women with the metallic texture of robots.  

Sorayama had been drawing pictures since he was a child, though he lamented that the town he grew up in had no real arts scene and was generally impoverished. Sorayama had a precocious attraction to drawing even when his work would confuse his family and friends. It wasn't until his homeroom teacher at elementary school, who was also an artist herself, praised Sorayama for the first time and put his work on the classroom wall, that he felt pride in his work and that he could make a living through it. Since his early days, Sorayama's favorite motifs have been pin-up and cheesecake art, but with a photorealistic style. His provocative art gained attention in the US when it was featured on the cover of the comics magazine “Heavy Metal”. 

Sorayama’s output isn’t completely prurient, as In 1999, he helped design Sony’s robotic dog, AIBO. AIBO's innovative design was a significant contribution to the history of robots, and in 2001 it was included in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Institution & MOMA. His work transcends the boundaries of art, and in recent years he has been sought after by fashion brands as well. Kim Jones of Dior and Stella McCartney have called on him to collaborate with them.Sorayama also has his fans in the music world, having drawn cover art for Aerosmith, Tyga, and The Weekend.

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