Shintaro Kago (駕籠 真太郎, born 1969-, Tokyo, Japan ) is a Japanese manga artist. One could describe him simply as an artist of “adult manga”, but his material is equally grotesque, flippant, masterfully crafted, bawdy, and reverent. 

From an early age he wanted to work in a creative profession and manga was the most efficient means to that end. Seeking to create a signature style, he started calling himself a “kisō manga artist”. The themes of his work are bizarre, scatological, and horror features the human body being modified and transformed in ways that blur the line between flesh and machine. 

As for the source of ideas for cartoons, he says movies, books, cartoons, everyday conversations, or anything else can be the source of his manga. War, mental health, caring for the elderly, and sex work are subjects Kago explores in his work with grotesque aplomb.

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