Keita Okada "Hiren" Artworks & Techniques

This is Keita Okada’s first art book. His figures of dragons, lions and mythical beasts have gained him huge popularity. The book features his original and copyrighted works. He shows his sculpting technique using ZBrush and useful tips to help you create scales, wrinkles, teeth and fangs. Filled with the details of 3D printing. Great reference book of sculpting dragons and lions.


01 Original works

02 Game, figure, main visual, fanart

Sculpt & 3D output technique

01 Dragon head Making

02 Lion Making

03 Dragon’s body Making

04 Dragon Knight concept model

05 3D Printing

Keita Okada (Born in 1990)

A Japanese digital sculptor and 3D concept artist born in Hiroshima

He has been freelance since 2015. He designs mainly the creatures for the concept art. In March 2017, he established Villard Inc. His work has been selected for the TopRowAward at ZBrushCentral. One of the hottest upcoming sculptors in Japan.