Takayuki Takeya Kamen Rider Drive Designworks "Roidmude"

Roidmude features creature designs for the villains from "Kamen Rider Drive" crafted by Takayuki Takeya (Shin Godzilla). The book includes concept art, costume photos, and commentary from Takeya (in Japanese).

This gorgeous collection of artwork features the "Roidmude", the two Shocker designs from "Super Hero Wars GP: Kamen Rider #3", and "Kamen Rider #4" designed by Takeya in one large-format book. The book also includes a 3D work that Takeya created and a discussion with Masakazu Katsura, who designed "Paradox Roidmude" for "Kamen Rider Drive: Surprise Future."

113 Pages


Text in Japanese