Yasuhito Udagawa “All about making mechanical insects, ever-evolving mechanical mutants”



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craft factory SHOVEL HEAD, Yasuhito Udagawa’s first modeling technique & works book. Welcome to the world of mechanical mutants. 

Udagawa’s creatures are created by his imagination or observation of real insects. His works made with paper clay, wire, mechanical parts and scraps are worldly known as mechanical mutants. This book introduces some of the realistically looking ones. You’ll be fascinated with his amazing mechanical mutants. 

Chapter 1 Eumenes Mikado, about 20cm

The main part is made of paper clay. The sculpting process is explained in detail. The entire process is shown step by step with pictures. 

Chapter 2 Mass production of Scarab Beetles, 7 different kinds, about 5cm

How to create a mold. Also shows his painting techniques and how he works on details. 

Chapter 3 Nest of Eumenes Mikado

Fully covered details of how he combined wood and steel to make its display stand steampunk style. 

Opening and Chapter 4

Beautiful photo collection of his masterpiece from the past to the present, more than 20 pieces are featured. 


2016 Dec


Texts in Japanese


Yasuhito Udagawa was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1967.  He graduated from Musashino Art University majoring in Architecture in 1989. He started creating while working at an architects’ office for 7 years. In 1996, he began his career as “craft factory SHOVEL HEAD.” His works have been displayed on the magazine covers and advertisements. Has participated in numerous exhibitions including Shanghai Art Fair in 2007, 2008, 2010.