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A visual book of original sculptures and prototypes

 This is a compilation of the latest works and the cutting edge techniques of Japanese sculptors who work on a global scale in the genres of figures, games, commercials, movies and art. The book showcases their original works created in analog and digital ways. It also contains the photos and the drawings of the prototypes before they become merchandise, the process of making, and the design theories. 

The book features the special report from Takayuki Takeya’s atelier, how” Space Runaway Ideon” was born. 

Participating artists

MICHIRU imai, Kusenbo Masamitsu, Masato Ohata, Ryu Oyama, K, Mattuk, Akinori Takaki, Akishi Ueda, Keiki Fujimoto, Botanical Garden / Sakurako Ishinaga, Hiroki Hayashi, Soichi Harigiri, Inorisama, Hiroaki, daco, Takashi Tsukada, Natsuki Manabe / CREA MODE, Mitsumasa Yoshizawa, Shin Tanabe, 蟹蟲修造, Keisuke Yoneyama, Genzo Ihara, Saiso, Keita Okada, Sato, Ode, Aronalpha, Shinzen Takeuchi, Hiroshi Tagawa

Lead off illustration by Kinako

160 pages, Texts in Japanese