Darkness Heels Ultraman Belial Black Denim Shirt


Exclusive item from ULTRAMAN DARKNESS HEELS WORLD in Osaka, Japan

DARKNESS HEELS is a project by Tsuburaya Productions that features a variety of evil characters from the Ultraman series,as "Dark Heroes". The project has led to several events being held such as the stage play DARKNESS HEELS~THE LIVE~ and other exhibitions.

Ultraman Belial is one of the six evil characters of the project, “Darkness Heels.” He was a very powerful Ultra Warrior, butfell into the dark side and revolted against the Land of Light. He made his debut in 2009’s “Mega Monster Battle : Ultra Galaxy Legends” and  has made subsequent appearances in the Ultra Series. 

Made in Japan, Unisex 

This is Japanese size. Please check your size carefully. 

Body Length 

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31” (80cm)

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32” (83cm)

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26.3” (67cm)