BEKSINSKI The Collected Works, drawings III ver.1.2

One of three Beksinski art collection volumes series

This collection Includes the most erotic and darkest drawings and sketches that Beksiński left behind.

He revealed his inner world,vita sexualis in the prime of his life, which led him to the coming “Age of Fantasy Painting.” 

Beksiński's drawings and sketches from the 60s and 70s after he broke away with abstractionism, became a major scandal in the Polish art world as a turn to pornography. Inspired by the world of mysticism and sexual perversion, he created the most erotic and the darkest world of art in this era. This period nurtured the artist’s extraordinary imagination and played an important role for the birth of Beksiński, the great “fantastic” artist. 

The book includes the essays by Yumeaki Hirayama (a horror novel writer),Piotr Dmochowski, andAnna Kania-Saj. 

Soft cover

122 pages

Texts in Japanese and English

Includes more than 140 works