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Son of Monsterpalooza was held at Marriott Burbank Hotel and Convention center in California from Sep 14-16 to celebrate the Art of Monsters & Movie Magic. The festival featured over 150 vendors, special exhibits, presentations and makeup demos.















Here are some sculptures from mini museums. (below)

Amazing Sculptures and a book “ZENTROPA” by John Mahoney (below)

He used to work for Disney feature Animation as a Visual Development Artist. He also produced and directed documentaries and movies as an independent filmmaker.  He has taught creative classes on many subjects in several parts of the world, including Lucasfilm Singapore, Blizzard Entertainment, and Stan Winston's School of Character Arts. He currently teaches several classes at CalArts and USC. Here are some of his amazing sculptures and a book he published funded by kickstarter in 2016.

ZENTROPA by John Mahoney

This hard cover graphic novel is a psychedelic, mind expanding, stream of consciousness epic. 108pages