by Mariko Oka

Here are some of the highlights of Wonder Festival in Tokyo.
"Hyakki Yagyō"  (The Night Parade of One Hundred Demons)  


Masato Ohata

Born in 1985, Chiba, Japan. He started taking oil painting class when he was in the 3rd grade as well as violin lesson. He decided to be the artist but failed the entrance exam twice for Tokyo University of the Arts. He then went to Musashino Art University instead. He still thinks it was a big setback in his life. His major at Musashino was oil painting and he studied etchings. However, his interest shifted to acting, especially improvisation. He spent most of his time acting when he was in college. After graduation, he heard his fellow student has become a figure sculptor. Soon he started working as a part time prototype sculptor. Later he learned digital sculpting technique and kept honing  his skill with clay as well in his free time.

His first work ”contagion girl” was displayed at Wonder Festival (WF) 2015. Then he introduced survival:01/ Killer, survival:02/ Collector, survival:03/ Undertaker in 2016 WF. This series made him very popular among the figure fans. In 2017, he at once presented survival:04/ Hunter, Wind Rises, and Brack Rock City. His astonishing production speed and high quality gained him enthusiastic fans and made him more famous.

He currently works as a freelance. He produces his original works and also sculpts commercial prototypes.   


 H.M.S. Collection (Hidden Models and Sculptors) by Hobby Japan



“The Red Idol and the Masses”

By Keisuke Yoneyama

Born in 1987

He is a prototype sculptor of original garage kits at HELLPAINTER. He shows his work at the events as Wonder Festival. He participates joint exhibitions domestic and overseas as AMAZING ART COLLECTION by Mamegyorai.



By Jitsukata Ikkei

Born in Hokkaido, 1994

He studied special molding at Tokyo Visual Arts. He is a freelance commercial prototype sculptor. He is also a dealer (Kaiki Zokeido) at the events as Wonder Festival.  


"Twin Heads Medic"

Kishi Omori

Born in Tokyo, 1990

He has contributed his work to model kit magazines and events when he was a student at Tokyo University of The Arts. After he earned his PhD, he works as a part-time research associate at Department of Sculpture. Kishiomori.com


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