Akiakane (秋赤音) is a female Japanese illustrator / an utaite (singer), who collaborated in various PVs. The illustrator Akiakane drawing style is stylized and detailed, with big expressive eyes and detailed features. she treats unique vivid colors as if they were magic, and grabs the hearts of viewers with her bizarre yet somewhat bewitching motifs and well-calculated compositions She has been active ever since 2009. She is also an artist who sings and is active as a painter. Akiakane as a singer is known for screaming in her covers with much passion, giving her the nickname "Screaming Cinderella" (絶叫シンデレラ, Zekkyou Cinderella). She often uses her own drawings in her videos.  She posts her works on pixiv. 

She made her debut with her 1st single "antinotice/Hanaben".

She has been in charge of painting and singing for the OP of TBS "Masahiro Nakai no Friday no Sumatachi e" since 2012/01/06.

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