Akishi Ueda (Born in Mie Prefecture, Japan in 1991) is a sculptor. He is producing sculptures that gives a feeling of sadness to memories, longing, and themes. Longing for the Blue Night, The Demon King of Pain, Flock of Cats in the dark, Song of the Bottom of Träumerei's Wheel, Lion Singing with the Wind, Caron Listening to the Sound of the Sea, Gardener of the Poison Sea. ...... Akishi Ueda is a formative poet who gives form to the longing and awe that lie dormant in our memories.

He creates works that combine his original love of fantastical things, monsters like Godzilla, his own favorite things, and his imagination. But he felt that if that was all he did, it would just be an empty work that existed only as a form. Therefore, he tries to create his works with a kind of inevitable message so that the viewers can feel something when they see them.

Since he was a child, art, music, and movies influenced him deeply. He proposed "J-Pop Surrealism," which has a Japanese taste with a focus on the attributes of Pop Surrealism.Various styles and motifs are used in his scrupture , from cute to strange giant creatures.

Akishi Ueda's first appearance was 2012. He participated in "peace9" exhibition (BE galley in Nagoya University of Arts). In 2019, he won the first prize in the sculpture category of the beautiful art competition " Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize" in 2019, and then his activities in the English-speaking world began in earnest. Prayer" (Beijing, China) to succeed.


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