Atsushi Tani (谷敦志, born in Osaka, Japan) began exhibiting his photographic works around 1992. Since then, he has consistently exhibited his works in group and solo shows in Japan and abroad.

Since around 2000, his works have been published in magazines such as "BURST," "DUNE," "Yoso," and "Talking Heads," and his fetish and avant-garde taste has been supported mainly by gothic/underground art fans, expanding his fan base.

In 2008, he was offered the job of photographing the jacket and booklet of the album "PointdeSuture" by Milène Falmer, an artist who is extremely popular in French-speaking countries, which became a hot topic.

Since around 2009, he has continued to present a series of works with motifs from literary works such as Bataille's "Eyeball Tales," works by Edogawa Rampo and Grimm's Fairy Tales.

He has established one of the main streams of Tani's works up to the present. Recently, he broke new ground with "Portrait of a Man" (2010), in which he took only portraits of men, and "Pop and Fetish Daily Life" (2010), in which he received high acclaim for the mysterious power and high-level visual composition ability that the tension between his self-made costumes made of latex and tubes and his body creates. Today, too, it continues to linger! (2011) and "20 Years of Atsushi Tani + New Works" (2012).

In November 2012, he held a six-month solo exhibition at the Musée de l'Eroticisme in Paris, demonstrating his talent as a visual artist whose work is not confined to the realm of photography.

He is also involved in the visual production of books and CD jackets, as well as advertising photography for theater, stage, and musicals.

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