Japanese manga artist and illustrator. Female. Her pen name at the time of her debut was "Aya Tsunami"; she changed it to "Aya Tsunami" around 2005. In 1999, she won the 28th HMC (Hanato Yume Manga Artist Course) Effort Award for "Nezumi to Ojisama" (The Rat and the Prince) and the 35th BC (Big Challenge) Award for "Kimi wa Hirotta Neko" (The Cat You Fled), both from Hakusensha. 2000: Debuted in the October 1 issue of "The Flower and Yume" with "Natsu Kusa no Senritsu". After working in the "Hana to Yume" series of magazines, she began working in shōnen manga in 2006 with the comic adaptation of "Emil Chronicle Online Gaiden: Delta Saga" in the September issue of Gekkan Shōnen Blood. Since then, she has been involved in a wide range of activities, including not only girls' manga, but also boys' manga, collaborations and original works, game-related essay manga, and four-frame manga. She has also worked in a wide range of genres, including illustrations, game stills, and drama CD scenarios. His major works include "I Can't Hold Monhan. The Daily Life of a Women's College Student," "15 Rules for Becoming a Popular Manga Artist," and more.
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