An irregular visual book of original modeling and prototypes

This book is a compilation of the latest works and cutting-edge techniques of the most awesome creators in the genres of figures, games, commercials, movies, and art in Japan. The book is full of new and original works by up-and-coming artists in both analog and digital media. It also includes many photos of the clay prototype, which cannot be seen in the stage of production, how-to's on the production process, and design theories. 

This issue features “Textures” that define the realism of modeling and “Paint” that breathes life. The sculptors and finishers discuss and demonstrate their technique. The book begins with the making of clay sculpture, ”Fatalis” by Ryu Oyama. Also, a new series of articles by Takayuki Takeya has started.

Special Feature "Painting and Texture"


Ryu Oyama, MICHIRU imai, Keiki Fujimoto, Botanical Garden / Sakurako Ishinaga,Sagata Kick, Masato Ohata, Hiroki Hayashi, Juanjuan, MIDORO, Susuki Tono, Soichi Harigiri, Mattuk, Keisuke Yoneyama, Shinzen Takeuchi

Featured Finishers

Yoshinori Yatake, MAman, Katsushige Akeyama,面球儿, Keigo Murakami, Norifumi Dohi (Franken), Hiroshi Tagawa, Narumi, Karinto, n兄さん

New Series  Takayuki Takeya 

“An Encouragement of Delusional Designs”

Illustration at the beginning by Kinako

Texts in Japanese / 144pages