Fabien Vehlmann (born in 30 January 1972, in Mont-de-Marsan, France) is a French comics writer, scriptwriter, best known for Green Manor and Seuls. He spent a happy childhood in France in Les Landes and the Savoie region before enrolling in business school in Nantes. Yvan Delporte (a French comic writer) called him "The René Goscinny of the third millennium". 

After a job in a theatrical group, which enabled him to get acquainted with video and radio media, he started writing comics in 1996, and has worked extensively for Dupuis and its magazine Spirou, and for the publishing house Dargaud.

He is known for his mildly sarcastic humour in stories in nearly all genres, and has been labelled the "Goscinny of the 21st Century".

Dargaud's work,  'Wondertown' withBenoît Feroumont (2000-2006) and the children's thriller 'Seuls', Vehlmann's tale of a group of children that wake up alone in a large city made him one of the vital scriptwriters in the 2000s. in 2009, he teamed up with the artist's duo Kerascoët to create 'Jolies Ténèbres' for Dupuis in 2009 and 'Voyage en Satanie' for Dargaud in 2011. With Frantz Duchazeau, he created the fantasy diptych 'La Nuit de l'Inca' for the same collection (2003-2004), as well as the adventure one-shot 'Les Cinq Conteurs de Bagdad' (2006), and the Georges Méliès biography 'Diable amoureux et autres films jamais tournés par Méliès' (2010).

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