Yun In-Wan(Korean: 윤인완, born July 27, 1976) is a cartoonist and founder of YLAB from the Republic of Korea.

Youn debuted in 1996 with the manhwa series 'Bom (봄, spring)' in the Korean weekly magazine Deja Vu. Vu.
He has experience as a writer in Japan, including the serialization of "DEFENSE DEVIL" in Weekly Shōnen Sunday, the first Japanese manga magazine for a Korean writer in the 1990s, and founded YLAB in South Korea in 2010. He established YLAB in Korea in 2010, and later established YLABJAPAN. He is also the creator of "Kingdom of God," the original story of the hit Korean TV drama "Kingdom" on NETFLIX.
He has been the CCO of LINE Manga since 2020 in recognition of his achievements at YLAB.
In an interview in Korea, he said that he would like to contribute to the further growth of LINE Manga by utilizing my experience as an author in Japan and a webtoon creator in Korea. 
In 2004, "Shin Ankyo Goshi" (serialized in Sunday Genex Monthly) was made into an animated film version as a joint Japan-Korea production.

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