Dango Takeda (竹田 団吾, born September 6, 1961) is a Japanese voice actor and costume designer for Troupe☆Shikansen. Graduated from Osaka University of Arts. After entering Osaka University of Arts (Department of Film and New Media), joined Gekidan Shinkansen. After working in video production, props, and acting, began costume design in "Susanoo: The Story of the Divine Sword" (1990).

He has provided costume designs for numerous stage and video productions such as "Journey to the West," "Tetsujin 28 go-," the TV series "Kamen Rider," and "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon". He is also a special costume producer who takes the ideas and images of other designers and transforms them into costumes that can be worn by actors on stage and in films.

 Self-taught in costume design, Takeda's unique costume designs freely combine leather, rubber, plastic, metal, and other materials in addition to cloth, realizing a variety of unrealistic images ranging from period pieces to fantasy and cyberpunk. These elements are indispensable for Gekidan Shinkansen, which expresses the worlds of manga, special effects, and rock on stage. Inoue, the leader of Shinkansen, calls Takeda "the leading geek costume designer.

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