Keita Amemiya (born in August 24, 1959-, Chiba, Japan) is a Japanese film director, illustrator, and character designer. He is the representative of Cloud Ltd. He has won numerous awards, including the International Science Fiction Art Contest.

He has been a fan of tokusatsu since his childhood, especially "Kamen Rider" (Masked Rider), of which he was the No. 2 member of the boy Kamen Rider team. He is also a fan of period dramas and the Star Wars series, which he says originated with the films of Akira Kurosawa.

In 1978, he entered Asagaya College of Art and Design. After dropping out of school, he joined Den Film Effects in 1981. During that time, he released the independent film "Sweet Home," which became the talk of the town, and founded Cloud Ltd. in 1983. The company produced such talents as Tamotsu Shinohara and Tsutomu Abe.

After that, he was introduced by Minoru Murayama, the editor-in-chief of "Spaceship" magazine, and became the first character designer for "Giant Beast Special Search Jaspion" (1985), and began working as the main character designer for the following year's "Spielban".

As a film director, he made his debut in 1988 with "Mirai Ninja Keiunki Shinobi Gaiden". His representative works include "Zeiram" released in 1991, "Toei Super Hero Fair" (1993 - 1995), and "Tao no Tsuki" (1997). He was also selected to direct the pilot version (episodes 1 and 2) of "Torijin Sentai Jetman," his first television production. Takeyuki Suzuki of Toei, the producer of the same work, stated that he had a gut feeling that he could make it after seeing "Mirai Ninja".

His desire to direct in accordance with the image described below has led him to work on his own original works since the 2000s, including "Mikazuki the Iron Armor Machine" (2000), "Magical Girl Team Ars" (2004), and "GARO" (2005), for which many sequels have been produced, showing his diverse activities regardless of the field of his work.
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