Mari Shimizu (born in Kumamoto, Japan) is a female Japanese doll artist. She graduated from Tama Art University, Faculty of Art and Design, Department of Visual Arts.

In addition to dolls with spherical joints, Mari Shimizu also creates experimental doll objects. her doll sculptures are like three-dimensional paintings with as much detail and subtlety as that medium, in their small-scale, inner paradises and hells.

In 2000, her doll photographs were used for the CD jacket of the band "Mook". She has been involved in expressive activities that go beyond the conventional framework of creative dolls, such as the TV dramas "Akai Ito no Onna" (Tokai TV) and "The Brothers Karamazov" (Fuji TV), providing dolls for stage production "Shoujo Tsubaki" by Kaiten Hyakumei, and exhibiting dolls at the bookstore "Matsumaru Honpo" produced by Seigo Matsuoka. Since 2011, she has participated in the annual exhibition "Il Giappone nel chiostro" in Brescia, Italy.

In the winter of 2013, she released a one-piece dress in collaboration with the fashion brand "Pay*de*fe. Her work has been published in magazines such as "Art Collectors," "YASO Yoso," and "Talking Heads.

Her main collection of artworks "Miracle" published in 2012 exhibits beautiful and strange dolls with a sense of narrative. 

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