Midori Hayashi is a Doll Artis from Japan. The dolls Midori Hayashi creates are hypnotic, fragile, terrifying, captivating, and endearing. Her dolls areSweet and lovable children merged with insects, animals, and plants into an unsettling fusion of life. Theybring souls together, ‘those that live in nature and those of the dead, according to the words placed on these creatures during the exhibition held at the Vanilla Gallery.

2000 Studied under Ryo Yoshida; 2003 Attended a short intensive course onCERNITby Hayemi Kurokawa; June 2011 Solo exhibition "Party of Young Witches" at Asakusabashi, Tokyo; 2012 Studied under Mantum; March 2014 Published "Dream Child," a collection of dolls by Hayashi Mitori; November 2017 Published "Night Comers - Children of the Night" from Atelier Third. November 2017 Mitori Hayashi doll exhibition "Night Comers - Children of the Night" at Vanilla Gallery (Ginza, Tokyo). She has participated in many other exhibitions and group shows.

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