Namio Harukawa (春川ナミオ, May 1947 – April 24, 2020) was a pseudonymous Japanese fetish artist best known for his works depicting female domination ("femdom"). Common subjects and motifs of his art include erotic asphyxiation, facesitting, voluptuous women, and men being used as human furniture. His first appearance in the media was in the reader's contribution column of "Kitan Club," one of the three major postwar Kastori magazines. Since the 1950s, Harukawa's unique drawings on the theme of male masochism have attracted the support of maniacs and established him as a leading figure in this field. In recent years, an increasing number of adult websites in Europe and the U.S. have started posting Harukawa's drawings on their websites, and there are people who have seen his paintings even if they do not know his name. 

Harukawa's depictions of women are voluptuous and voluminous, reminiscent of Renoir's nudes. He also draws very large buttocks and breasts, resulting in proportions that are far from Japanese, which is perhaps why his paintings are highly acclaimed overseas. The motif of a man's face buried so deeply in a woman's buttocks that he cannot breathe is depicted countless times. All the drawings are done in pencil.

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