Rockin’ Jelly Bean (born in Japan, birth date and real name are unknown) is an illustrator and artist known for lurid pin-ups evoking films and fashion and of the 1970s. RJB is never seen in public without his signature luchador mask and at least two pretty girls flanking him, as he cultivates a larger than life persona.

Rockin’ Jelly Bean draws from an artistic tradition that clearly fetishizes elements of western pop culture from the 1960s and 70s. His style is Americana refracted through the lens of a Japanese youth voraciously consuming comics, pinups, and rock n roll. Along with being an artist, RJB is also a member of the band Jackie and the Cedrics, a Japanese surf-rock ensemble, preserving a sound and style out of time, but always seductive.  Citing his favorite artistic inspiration as “naked women” in interviews, his style is evocative of R. Crumb, and with some Osamu Tezuka-tinged cartooning added to the mix. 

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