Ryu Oyama (born 1977-, Japan) is a modeler and character sculptor working in the Japanese film/toys/games industry, with a prolific portfolio covering franchises like Monster Hunter, Ultraman, Knights Of Sidonia, Berserk, Dance Of Swords, and more.

Ryu Oyama began creating garage (kits an assembly scale model kit) and figure prototypes in earnest after creating a monster figure out of clay when he was in his first year of junior high school. After dropping out of art college, he made his debut as a garage kit prototype creator at the age of 21, and his name gradually became well-known in the world of monster & creature modeling. And now, continuing to actively sculpt a wide range of genres, including creative three-dimensional works and character figures, Oyama is attracting enthusiastic attention not only in Japan but also from overseas.

His talent is so unique and unprecedented. This is his first art book which features a gallery of his best sculptures and models as Monster Hunter, Ultraman, Knights of Sidonia, Berserk, Dance of Swords, and more. You can see how he works with materials, how to make a spatula, framework, sculpting, and coloring technique.

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