Shunya Yamashita (November 15, 1970) is a professional illustrator and character designer. He is best known for his video game character designs and pin-up style drawings of women. If you are interested in figures, plastic models, or hobby items, you have probably seen his illustrations at least once.

His art ranges from a fusion of "heavy metal" and "anime" and from classic fantasy to apocalyptic future. He has always been known for the stylized beauty of women, their beautiful expressions and seductive eyes.
After graduating from high school, he worked for an ice cream company that had nothing to do with illustration.In 2000, he joined Square Enix, where he worked as a character designer for "Final Fantasy X," designing NPCs and weapons. around 2005, he began illustrating game strategy books and illustrating novels. At that time, he became friends with Mitsumasa Yoshizawa, a prototype sculptor, and this was a major turning point in his involvement with figures. After that, he began to specialize in figure-related work. He is working with various toy companies to release a line-up of PVC figures, garage kits, and statues based on his character designs.

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