Takayuki Takeya (竹谷 隆之, born in Hokkaido, 1963-) was born to a family of fishermen, he spent his childhood playing with clay works and plastic model making. He went on to Asagaya College of Art and Design, majoring in graphic design. His classmates included Katsuya Terada. Terada's drawings were so good that he decided to go into modeling. He met Makoto Kobayashi when he exhibited his first scratch-built work at a model store in Tokyo. He studied under Kobayashi, where he met fellow modeling artist Yasushi Nirasawa. After graduating from a vocational school, he joined Model Art at Kobayashi's invitation. He was engaged in editing the monthly "Model Art" magazine. Through Terada's introduction, he participated in Keita Amemiya's film "Future Ninja. Since then, he has been in charge of modeling art for many of Amemiya's works.

He is highly regarded for his high level of modeling skills and unique design interpretation. He is particularly good at organic mechanical design and creature works. He is an incomparable "bone" enthusiast and sometimes uses parts replicated from real bones of animals and other creatures in his sculptures. In addition to his original work collection, "Fisherman's Angle," he has also created figure prototypes for the Kamen Rider and Final Fantasy series. He has also participated in the art design of special effects works such as "GARO."

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