Yasuhito Udagawa (宇田川誉仁, born in 1967-) is a techno-artist from Japan. His works are distinguished by unique designs that fuse animals and insects with metal.

In his childhood, he encountered a wide variety of animals and plants in fields and forests. He loves crafts, and when he was in elementary school, he made his own Gayla kite, which was popular at the time. After studying architecture at university and working for a company, he devoted himself to designing parks around the country.

After becoming an independent artist at the age of 29, he has been presenting his works one after another. He was also in charge of creating objects for the entrance hall of Nike Japan's headquarters, which drew a lot of attention.

His works are characterized by the fusion of shiny metal with the bodies of animals and insects that seem ready to move at any moment. These creative creatures, born of unlimited imagination, radiate a mysterious vitality and presence that captivates the viewer's attention. His unique and intricate works have been highly acclaimed, and from 2002 to 2011, they graced the cover of junior high school technology textbooks on two occasions.

In March 2022, he held his first overseas workshop in Korea.

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