Acky Bright "Mask Girl" T-Shirt (Color Light Gray, Unisex)



Acky Bright

Manga artist and illustrator. Specializing in MANGA-style drawings with cute and cool characters, he is known for his detailed drawings and bold brush strokes. He is also highly acclaimed overseas and has done artwork for DC Comics, Hasbro, and BMW of Germany, among others.

He started drawing pictures as long as he can remember. Started posting illustrations on social networking sites around 2018, while pretending to be at work at the time. It was difficult to do large-scale work such as coloring so as not his boss finds out, which is also the reason why his style became line drawings.

Influenced by illustrators such as Akira Toriyama (Dragon Ball, Dr.Slump) and Katsuya Terada



Color Light Gray

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