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Akiakane Art Works

One glance at her work and your brain would be knocked out with the waves of bright colors. She works her unique vivid colors like magic. With its bizarre yet somehow enchanting motifs and calculated composition, she grabs the viewers’ heart. This collection contains 115 images, including new works. Immerse yourself in the world of Akiakane. 


Texts in Japanese

192 page


Akiakane (1991-)

She started drawing with photoshop on her father’s computer when she was in elementary school. She loved reading girl’s comics and used to post her pictures on the drawing board of the fan site. She later started adding her work to other artists’ music videos on Niconico (Japanese video-sharing service on the web). She’s also known as a singer, butnow more focused on her work as an illustrator, film producer, and costume designer. 

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