BEKSINSKI The Collected Works, paintings & photographs I ver.1.2

A collection of works by Beksiński, a master of Polish fantasy painting

One of three Beksinski art collection volumes series

In 2017, one of the rare pieces of Beksiński from the age of fantasy painting, which no one knew who owned during the bubble economy, appeared at an art auction in Tokyo. This caused an epic bidding war between Japanese and foreign collectors. 

BEKSINSKI The Collected Works“, published by Editions Treville, cannot be compared with any other book in the richness of its works. This first volume mainly contains his photographic works in the 50s, which are imbued with formalism, and realistic fantasy paintings in the 70's, which made his name known to the world. The collection also includes the works that were acquired by a Japanese collector. 

The commentaries by a Polish art researcher and the Dmochowski Gallery that made Beksiński's works known, and an interview with Beksiński before his death are added at the end. 


Soft Cover


Texts in Japanese and English

About 71 works included