BEKSINSKI The Collected Works, paintings, sculptures & reliefs II ver.1.2

A collection of works by Beksiński, a master of Polish fantasy painting

One of three Beksinski art collection volumes series

This collection introduces his paintings from the 80s, 90s, and later years. Also,  sculpture and relief from the 60’s. You’ll find the essence of the aesthetic fantasy world that the artist pursued until just before his death. 

Laid out larger illustrations on a single page and with enlarged spreads and details. Avoiding duplication of illustrations with "Beksiński 1929-2005" (2016), which is a bird's eye view of Beksiński's paintings, this book consists of different works.  Beksiński's music theory is added in both Japanese and English. It also includes the famous picture which is said that when you see it three times, you die. 

A beautiful binding that echoes Beksiński's serene aesthetic of ruins.

Soft cover


Texts in English and Japanese

More than 55 colored works included