Eimi Suzuki Art Print "When the Shroud of Night Falls"

"A portrait of women that lived when homosexuality was illegal. Women and dogs in this piece create a skull. The dogs were used as a motif. They express the culture where women were dedicated to men back then, especially during the day. The title “When the Shroud of Night Falls”, describes how a woman truly loves only during the night. The big black frame is meant to represent the afterlife. Same sex marriage and love are more possible today. The people before us who could not have their wishes come true by loving whoever they wanted openly, made sacrifices that eventually led to our sexual freedom. We now have the right to be with the person you love because of the sacrifices they made. Something we should never forget. This piece is dedicated to the people that went through homosexuality when it was illegal and considered wrong in those times." -Eimi Suzuki 


Edition 4/10

Giclee Print

Pigment on Matte Paper

Comes with the Frame 16 x 16 inches (The frame may differ from the one in the photo due to discontinuation or other reasons.)                                                                                                                                                                                                                              2019