Essential knowledge and skills of creating Female figure

The long-awaited sixth edition of the popular "XX you need to know" series from the Armour Modeling editorial department. 


“Realistic female figures are difficult to paint pretty,” or “I can paint male figures but can't paint female figures.” Does that sound like you? Then, this book is a must. It contains many techniques on how to paint various realistic female figures to make them look pretty. It explains in detail how you paint female figures in different sizes, how to apply makeup and introduces the type of paints you need. 


The Phantom "Armour Modeling Monthly, May 2019" quickly disappeared from storefronts and web bookstores. It contained an article titled as “Shut Up, Men and Make Female Figures” featuring female figure painting. This book is a newly revised and updated edition with new how-to's and examples of work that did not make it into the magazine article. Here at last in one volume, the fantastic female figure painting book!


96 pages

Text in Japanese