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Etsuko Miura "The Doll Bride of Frankenstein" Regular cover SIGNED

A masterpiece anthology of dolls brought to birth through an intense session between the unusual doll maker Etsuko Miura and photographer Atsushi Tani. 

Formerly, Hans Bellmer attempted the creation of a perverted girl fantasy with ball-joint dolls, and Miura carries on his aims in a sensational manner to create intensely majestic "Eros and Thanatos" bride dolls that evoke an ultimate eroticism in the context of the Pygmalion aesthetic.

"In Frankenstein's pitiful wounds can be seen the pure-heart of both boy and girl as they progress from childhood to adulthood." --Etsuko Miura

Includes bilingual (Japanese/English) essay by Hiroshi Fujita (psychoanalyst, plastic surgeon, anesthetist), profiles of Etsuko Miura & Atsushi Tani, and afterword by Etsuko Miura.



hardbound with paper jacket 


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