Etsuko Miura "Eucharist" Signed

After "The Bride Doll of Frankenstein" (2006), she lost her mother. Losing both parents now, she started the epic ritual of Family Regeneration to inspire herself and to remember them, taking the dining table (sacrament) as a theme. The dolls that were once corrupted and destroyed rejoined as a family and cyborg instruments played the melody of love again. Thus the feast of artificial brides began. Here you will be introduced to a new possibility of the ball-jointed dolls.

Signed by the artist
80 pages /hardback with dust-wrapper cover / 56 images + 1 image tribute to Etsuko Miura by Trevor Brown

Etsuko Miura


In 2000, She finished her study at Doll Space Pigmarion in Tokyo under Ryo Yoshida. She has exhibited her work at Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Span Art Gallery, Bunkamura Gallery and Maria Cuore(2018). Her work has also appeared in anime and movies.