Etsuko Miura "Reincarnation" Signed

The motif of "Reincarnation" is true regeneration of a family. She was eager to bring her dolls outside for the photoshoot. Then she discovered the dolls' overflowing life force they originally had, by bringing them out in nature to confront it. Her former teacher Ryo Yoshida, a maestro of ball-jointed dolls took all the pictures. He as well witnessed her dolls have widely held presence in outer world. This book is also a collection of tribute work to Trevor Brown who has been friends with her for many years.

Signed by the artist

Photographs: Ryo Yoshida
Text: Etsuko Miura, Ryo Yoshida
80 pages
Hardback with dust-wrapper cover
1 image tribute to Etsuko Miura by Trevor Brown

Etsuko Miura


In 2000, She finished her study at Doll Space Pigmarion in Tokyo under Ryo Yoshida. She has exhibited her work at Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Span Art Gallery, Bunkamura Gallery and Maria Cuore(2018). Her work has also appeared in anime and movies.