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This somewhat unorthodox art magazine introduces unique Japanese artists and their works through gallery reports without being bound by conventional art values. 


It is subtitled “Dream Song for a Girl” (少女への夢想曲). Each artist is featured in large images over 9-12 pages. 95% full color with far more images than text.


Akiko Ijichi (Painting),  Kimi Kuruhara (Painting, Dolls), Masachika Kuki (Painting), Nana Suzuki(Painting), Megu Kasajima (Painting), Tsubomi (Dolls), Rina Yoshioka (Painting), Hen Nakao (Painting) Waka Yoshida (Painting), Mari Shimizu(Dolls), Nagare Tanaka (Dolls photo), Midori Hayashi(Dolls)