Godzillla Theater Poster Collection 47 Sheets

This is a collection of Godzilla posters in Japan from the first film released in 1954 to the recent "Shin Godzilla", which means from the Showa period through the Heisei period and beyond, including the 2000s.

These are posters of Godzilla's animated films and movie posters for international releases. 

A total of 47 posters were added to the collection. It should all tickle your fancy.

In addition, you get a booklet inside. There you will find information on the release of the film and trivia about Godzilla and monsters. 

Interview = Yuji Kaida (monster painter) / Kon Arimura (film critic)

Text in Japanese

2 posters B2 size (27.83 x 19.69 inches) 

45 posters B4 size (9.8 × 13.9 inches)