Hiroshi Kanatani "GODZILLA SKETCH" Signed



Godzilla! King Ghidorah! Ebirah! It's a veritable kaiju buffet! 

"Godzilla Sketch" from Hiroshi Kanatani is a giant monster parade from Toho's greatest creatures! Each copy comes SIGNED by Hiroshi Kanatani himself.

Hiroshi Kanatani is a known Manga artist working in several countries and noted for his specializing in kaiju and tokusatsu illustrations. He is also known for his detailed artwork concerning Godzilla, Ultraman, Lion Maru, Zaboger, and other famous kaiju and Tokusatsu characters.  He has been commissioned by Toho Studios, contributed to Famous Monsters of Filmland, Monster Attack Team, and Shonen Sunday.

Signed by the artist