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Hiroshi Nonami "PORTFOLIO 1989-2007"

This is a huge collection of dream-like pictures photographed by Hiroshi Nonami. The book includes the pictures he created in his earliest time of his career since 1989 to the time he created 2008 calendar. He selected 75 photos taken over his 20 years' career. Each photo is printed on its own cardboard sheet. So you can take it in your hand and enjoy it thoroughly. By utilizing the high precision printing technology, he achieved unprecedented high quality photos comparable to original. Rumor has it that Hiroshi uses lenses that he’s grown mold onto. he does not use Photoshop. He doesn’t do any post production to his images. Please enjoy expressive photography world of Hiroshi Nonami.

Limited 300 sets

Signed and Edition Numbered by Hiroshi Nonami

A3 / original box

75 pictures (total 72 sheets) selected by Hiroshi Nonami from his 20 years' work

Hiroshi Nonami (Born in 1954)


He started up his own studio called No-Ah in 1979. All of his images are made by hand. Hiswork has been exhibited in numerous cities in Japan, the United States, and Europe. His current work includes the publicity photos for artists, musicians and theaters.

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