Incredible Sculpture Work & Technique

A clay-molded work collection & sculpt technique book by four up- and-coming sculptors in Japan

In addition to their original works, you’ll find the prototypes of copyrighted works.

"Token Ranbu - ONLINE -" "Yowamushi Pedal" "Classmate" "Fate / Grand Order" "Garamon" by Ryu Oyama

"DARK SOULS" "Silent Hill" "Ghost in the Shell ARISE "," Metal Gear Solid "," Tokyo Ghoul "," Naruto Shippuden " by Shin Tanabe

" Terada Katsuya Version Yokai Shirane "," BLACKSAD " by Takashi Tsukada

" KING OF PRISM by Pretty Rhythm "" TIGER & BUNNY "Pocket monsters" "Zetton" by Akinori Takaki

In the second half, they introduce their tools, design drawings, the whole process of making.

  • Texts in Japanese
  • 191 pages