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Katsuya Terada "Erotic Engineering"

Famed Japanese concept/manga artist Katsuya Terada ( Monkey King, Blood The Last Vampire ) explores a personal world of eroticism in this art book "Erotic Engineering", a collection of sexually charged illustrations featuring well, lots of tastefully drawn women in various stages of undress. You will find very explicit content, but they never lose the sensuality that keeps them in the field of the erotic. There are the simpler pin-up style illustrations, and also many fantasy ones usually involving some kind of mechanism, such as a mechanic arms that appear from behind, wires, robot parts and other devices fixed onto you know where.

The artworks are a mixture of sketches and full coloured paintings. The sketches are just as detailed, but without colour. Selected pieces also come with commentary from Terada, in Japanese and English text, talking about his inspiration. Many of the illustrations come with short captions (in both Japanese & English language), musings by the artist on the subject matter when he was painting them. An interesting bit of trivia in a closing note at the end of the book. Hajime Sorayama,Kosuke Kawamura and Ushijima Iiniku also participates in tribute in this collection.

Signed by the artist


Katsuya Terada (Born in 1963)


His work ranges widely from manga and novel illustrations to character-design for games and anime. He designed characters for the Blood: The Last Vampire movie. His illustration was used for Hellboy and also for Nintendo Power magazine. His alias is Rakuga kingu,  "Doodle King".

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