Masayuki Kojo "Grendizer Double Harken" ORIGINAL



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Bujinga is a very specific Japanese art form that evolved in the Kamakura period. Bujin (武人) means warrior and ga (画) is painting. And so the bujinga portraits were depictions of samurai warriors intended to capture the legacy of the brave and pass them on to future generations. 

He has, in recent years, been sought after for his stylistic ink paintings that capture a certain strength and intensity of the subject.“Bujin does not refer to those who fight, but rather to those who await their destiny,” says Kojo, explaining the essence of his muses. And it’s with that same interpretation that Kojo is creating a series of paintings that depict the characters from Star Wars and Marvel characters. 

This drawing was exhibited at GO NAGAI 50th ANNIVERSARY in Shibuya, Tokyo, 2017. 


Masayuki Kojo (Born in 1978)


He draws samurai in battle warfare such as Sangokushi with ink. He also captures characters from Star Wars, creating versions of Darth Vadar and the Storm Troopers. At his solo exhibition, he does live painting "Live Art" that draws samurai painting on the spot with music.