Junko Mizuno "Pure Trance"

The debut work of Junko Mizuno. “Pure Trance” brings you into a cute and futuristic world of decay.

Following the Third World War, humankind left the toxic surface of the Earth and built an underground city to survive. A serious social problem has emerged in this new society: hyperorexia, or severe overeating, a side effect of the “Pure Trance” life-sustaining pill.

The story begins in a hospital which has been ruined by a tyrannical director, Keiko Yamazaki. The nurses who toil under Keiko’s whip are regular girls, just like your friends and co-workers.

Yet this is no soap opera! It is a dreamy science fiction fantasy — a twisted story of catfights, alien safari adventures, evil experimentation, and a girl who dreams of becoming a pop idol singer.


English language

192 pages of black and white comic art.