Soul of Chogokin Complete 100 SIGNED

Considered the pinnacle of giant robot figures, the Soul of Chogokin line of toys has been bringing the greatest mech in anime to your shelves for 25 years. Soul of Chogokin Complete 100 is a complete listing of all figures released in the Soul of Chogokin Line, including Mazinger Z, Getter Robo, Ideon, and many more. Perfect for toy collectors, fans of giant robots, or that special Boss Borot in your life.

128 Pages

Japanese language

Includes an interview with Tsuyoshi Nonaka and Sei Okazaki (Ganso SD Gundam, MS IN ACTION!!, Ultraman Retsuden, Ultraman Orb) 


Signed by Tsuyoshi Nonaka

 Tsuyoshi Nonaka

Born in 1969. Started working for Bandai in 1987. He was in charge of toy planning and design after the Metal Series, "The Mobile Cop Jiban”, Super Sentai Series, Heisei Ultra Series, and Heisei Kamen Rider Series. He also worked on Super Robot Wars and Chogokin. Became a freelancer in 2014. He recently designed Wordian, Galactron from Ultraman Orb, and characters from Hurricane Polymar and produced Showa Mokei Shonen Club Casshan series.