TANAAMI!! AKATSUKA!! / That’s All Right!! (Limited 999 copies)



Limited Quantity 


Fujio Akatsuka (Osomatsu-kun, Tensai Bakabon) was one of the most monumental men in merry manga and delighted readers for decades. Keiichi Tanami is Japan’s eminent post-war pop artists, combining psychedelic imagery with comic strip characters and sexually charged art. "TANAAMI!! AKATSUKA!! That‘s All Right!!" commemorates a special collaborative exhibition of the two artists held at Tokyo’s PARCO MUSEUM (Jan. 21- Feb. 13, 2023.) This catalog involves an experimental method called "live printing" performed by pouring ink directly into an offset printing press, that makes slight differences between each copy.  The result is a journey through Post-War Japan’s art and manga history.


Limited 999 copies

Due to the unique specifications of this art book, each copy is printed slightly differently. For this reason, not being sold at general bookstores.

Includes a booklet containing Tanaami and Akatsuka’s biographies and a contribution by Yuji Yamashita. (art historian/ critic)

About 120 pages including several foldouts